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We Provide You Right Consultancy, Quality Garments, On Time Delivery & Competitive Pricing.

We engage in manufacturing of  garments with
state-of-the-art infrastructure, We offer creative and high-end products in cotton, cotton blends & polyester across kitted & woven garments category.

In-house Manufacturing & Printing Facilities with State of Art Processes.

End to End Clothing Solutions

We offer Diverse & Unique Solutions Among Varity Of Clothing Manufacturing Processes.

White Labeling

We excels in white labeling t-shirts for various brands, leveraging our in-house manufacturing capabilities. We offer competitive prices while ensuring the best quality for both domestic and export markets. Our expertise allows us to cater to the specific needs and branding requirements of our clients, providing them with top-notch products that meet international standards.

Wholesale Supply

Bazaar Hungama is your go-to destination for wholesale supply of stylish t-shirts to other businesses. We maintain ready stock of our trendy and fashionable t-shirt designs, and we introduce new products every month. With our in-house manufacturing, we ensure high-quality t-shirts that are readily available for bulk orders, allowing our clients to stay ahead in the market with fresh and exciting offerings.


We leverages our brand presence to engage in E-tailing on major marketplaces in India. We utilize the reach and popularity of these platforms to showcase and sell our products, offering a convenient and seamless shopping experience to customers across the country. We ensures a wide selection for online shoppers, further enhancing our brand’s presence in the E-commerce space.

Customization Service

Bazaar Hungama provides clothing customization services for t-shirts, hoodies, and lowers for college, corporate, and club needs. We offer personalized designs, logos, and branding options, tailoring the garments to meet the specific requirements of each client. Our customization service ensures unique and high-quality clothing that reflects the identity and spirit of the respective organizations or groups.

Printing Services

Bazaar Hungama offers end-to-end printing services for t-shirts, hoodies, and lowers, providing a wide range of customization options. Our services include digital printing, screen printing, embroidery, vinyl printing, direct-to-fabric printing (DTF), and special effects such as puff, HD, and UV effects. With our diverse printing capabilities, we ensure exceptional quality and attention to detail, enabling our clients to create visually stunning and unique garments.

Channel Management

We specializes in channel management, encompassing offline and online channels, as well as ecommerce platforms. Our expertise lies in efficient order management and inventory control, enabling brands to scale rapidly. By seamlessly managing multiple sales channels, we optimize operations, streamline processes, and ensure inventory availability, allowing brands to expand their reach, increase sales, and meet customer demands effectively.

Kitted Fabrics Clothing

We manufactures wide collections of Clothing in Kitted Fabrics.

Woven Fabrics Clothing

We specialize in women wester wear in woven wear for both Domestic & Export Clients

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We work very closely with our all Sales Associates, just like their backend team. Since our Pricing our very competitive, our sales partners enjoys great profits!

  • More than 110 Sales Associates are working with us.

  • On demand we do faceless branding and customization!

  • We have last mile shipping facilities all along with your packaging.

Trusted by 500+ Companies across India & the Globe

Best solutions

Let’s work on your project together

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Best solutions

Let’s work on your project together

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